Lindisfarne Castle



Please email or call for prices

Off Peak:  January 7th - 4th March   and 4th November - 16th December
Mid:  5th March - 15th July  and  9th September -  4th November
Peak:  22nd July - 9th September    and   16th December -  6th January 2018

Short breaks are available off-peak and subject to availability.  Each night is £130 for 1 - 2 people in the one room.   3 - 4 people (second room) are £10 per person per night. Short breaks are min 2 - 4 nights.   Towels are included with bedding on short breaks.  Bedding only on full weeks, towels are an extra £5 per couple.  Wi-Fi is free.

Contact us to make a booking.